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RiteTag Pricing, Cost & Plans

    RiteTag is a social media tool designed to help users find the most effective hashtags for their content across various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is part of the RiteKit suite of social media management tools but can also be purchased separately.

    RiteTag Pricing

    RiteTag offers a straightforward pricing plan for individual users who are interested in enhancing their social media posts with effective hashtags. The cost for RiteTag is $49 per year, which breaks down to approximately $4 per month or $0.13 per day. This annual subscription includes hashtag suggestions for up to 1000 queries per month from browser extensions and mobile apps. It is important to note that while hashtag suggestions are included in this price, hashtag reports are charged separately based on the volume of data required.

    Free Trial

    For those who are hesitant or wish to try out the service before committing to an annual subscription, RiteTag offers a free 7-day trial. This trial allows potential users to test the app and its features to determine if it meets their needs.

    Additional Subscription Benefits

    While the basic RiteTag plan provides a significant number of hashtag suggestions, users looking for more comprehensive social media tools might consider the RiteKit Package. This package includes RiteTag along with other tools for a monthly fee of $54. The RiteKit Package offers 2000 posts in queues, unlimited social profiles, 2000 enhanced posts per month, 45,000 link ad views per month, and 1000 hashtag suggestions per month. However, reports are not included in this package.

    Separate RiteKit Tools

    For users who need specific functionalities, RiteKit offers separate tools that can be purchased individually:
    – RiteForge: For crafting and publishing enhanced social posts at $29 per month.
    – RiteBoost: For enhancing and automating social posts at $29 per month.
    – For placing white-label text, image, or video ads on shared links at $15 per month with full customization and a limit of 1 custom domain.

    RiteTag is designed to integrate seamlessly with many social media scheduling apps like Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite. It also works within popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, making it a versatile tool for digital marketers and social media managers. The service is available as a mobile application for iPhone and Android, as well as a Chrome extension for quick hashtag retrieval.

    RiteTag’s pricing is competitive, especially considering the integration options and the potential impact on social media engagement. The annual cost of $49 for individual users is a relatively small investment for those looking to optimize their social media strategy with effective hashtag use. The additional RiteKit Package and separate tools offer more advanced features for users with greater social media management needs.

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